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Because your home should be the safest place…

At Horizons Roofing, we know how important your family and your home are to you. Your roof is your first line of defense against the elements — it keeps the weather out and everything safe and dry inside.

You need the help of a reputable roofing contractor. Not sure who to trust? We know how that feels. We’ve been in this business for over 25 years — and have seen every type of roofing repair issue facing homeowners in Southern Ontario.

We believe your family and your home are worth protecting

Don’t just invite anybody onto your property. Choose a contractor who truly respects your home, your family and your neighbours.

When we’re done, the only way you’ll know we’ve been there is that the leaks have stopped. No mess. No hassles. No angry neighbours. Just a solid roof over your head and a warm peaceful feeling inside.

Horizons Roofing. Protect what’s most important.

The Horizons Roofing Promise

For extra peace of mind, we’ve put our service guarantee in writing.


Prompt Response

We’ll get back to you! Your phone calls will be responded to within one business day.


Professional Crews

Expect uniformed staff who are both courteous and knowledgeable.


No Mess

All debris will be removed daily and no large bins or other eyesores will be left on your property.

Moon overnight

Nothing Exposed Overnight

Your home should be protected. We promise to not leave anything exposed to the elements during our time on your property.


No Upset Neighbours

All neighbours will receive a door-hanger with our contact info, so in the rare instance an issue comes up, they can contact us directly.


Lifetime Warranty

Enjoy a limited lifetime warranty on any Horizons repair or installation. Ask us about it!

Say goodbye to mess

Your gardens and driveway are kept extra safe with our special tarp system. Nails, debris and shingle pieces will be a thing of the past.

Ask us to find out more!

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